by ciarankieran

(© Brewley Schultheiss  2012

“Straight as a die”:

Meaning – Completely Straight”

Origin – This is an odd simile when one considers that the die here is the singular of dice – hardly objects that appear straight. It makes more sense when we realize that straight means correct and true, rather than ‘as the crow flies.”

( 2012)

“DICE” – Digital Innovation Creativity and Enterprise

“Discourse” – ¹written or formal communication or debate, ²a formal discussion of a topic.” (Oxford Soanes 2006)

Dear readers,

As I’m sure you’re all aware, being a DCU business studies 1st year brings with it many benefits.  At times however, academic opportunities can turn into academic responsibilities.  In a moment of minor uncertainty I feel both privileged and obligated to begin writing a blog concerning the 5 different DICE seminars which I am due to attend over the coming months.

Perhaps my stance of slight indecision can be better understood alongside my confession that I am not a member of “Facebook” or “Twitter” or any other networking site.  My introduction into the infrastructure of digitalised human interaction has  been hindered somewhat.  The main obstacles which I have encountered have been, I must admit, self-made.  At the beginning in the years of “Bebo”, an insurmountable mass of apathy stood in my way.  As avenues became more interesting with the emergence of “Facebook”, “MySpace” and “WordPress”, I was confronted with a hazardous stumbling block of procrastination.

As it begins to gain more and more importance in everyday communication I am hesitantly grateful for the much needed push into the sphere of social media.


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