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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin.

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So the DICE journey has come to its conclusion.  I would say that looking back it has been more than valuable.  I thought it very positive how it allowed for creativity and personal input into our course. These are things which, although often encouraged at university, are sometimes not embraced. Perhaps its most beneficial contribution to my learning experience at DCU however, was that it helped me to rekindle a desire to pursue creativity further in a business sense.  I also believe that this desire will not extinguish easily this time around.


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“Straight as a die”:

Meaning – Completely Straight”

Origin – This is an odd simile when one considers that the die here is the singular of dice – hardly objects that appear straight. It makes more sense when we realize that straight means correct and true, rather than ‘as the crow flies.”

(www.phrases.org.uk 2012)

“DICE” – Digital Innovation Creativity and Enterprise

“Discourse” – ¹written or formal communication or debate, ²a formal discussion of a topic.” (Oxford Soanes 2006)

Dear readers,

As I’m sure you’re all aware, being a DCU business studies 1st year brings with it many benefits.  At times however, academic opportunities can turn into academic responsibilities.  In a moment of minor uncertainty I feel both privileged and obligated to begin writing a blog concerning the 5 different DICE seminars which I am due to attend over the coming months.

Perhaps my stance of slight indecision can be better understood alongside my confession that I am not a member of “Facebook” or “Twitter” or any other networking site.  My introduction into the infrastructure of digitalised human interaction has  been hindered somewhat.  The main obstacles which I have encountered have been, I must admit, self-made.  At the beginning in the years of “Bebo”, an insurmountable mass of apathy stood in my way.  As avenues became more interesting with the emergence of “Facebook”, “MySpace” and “WordPress”, I was confronted with a hazardous stumbling block of procrastination.

As it begins to gain more and more importance in everyday communication I am hesitantly grateful for the much needed push into the sphere of social media.


© Anya Brewley Schultheiss 2012 Hand throwing dice black and white [Photograph] http://www.absphoto.co

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